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3 book launches (online or at a location)

*Membership of online spoken word, open Mic sessions

*2 webinars

 *Support with writing your memoir.

*Promote with Linkedin Ads.

*Promotion on Facebook.

*1Podcast promotion.

*Content promotion of the book

*Write a review on Amazon.

*Write a review on Goodreads.

*Recommend to friends on Goodreads.

*Comment on author blog posts

*Feature author book on Exposure Book Launch's newsletters.

*Promote book on Facebook Ads.

*Have events watched on Facebook live.

*Promote the author on social media.

*Promote the author’s book Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram.

*Promote events on Eventbrite.

*Upload events on YouTube.

*Promote on YouTube.

*Promote on ecommerce for free.

*Promote on eBay for free.

*Promote on Exposure Book *Launch for free.

*Member of our writing community.

*Member of EBL's Creative Writing Group.

Exposure Book Launch PREMIUM PLAN

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