We value our customers and are incredibly committed to providing an unfailing service on a global network. It is a feature of our work to maintain a substantial presence in the writing world and optimise every opportunity that becomes available to market our authors’ books.


Exposure Book Launch recognises the importance of a global audience as essential to the networking of continuity of authors' presence within the writing world. We are building on our experiences on Amazon Seller, Facebook Ads, Ads, and eBay. We take pride in meeting the authors' wishes. They have free membership to Writers’ #virtual platform and free Ads on Exposure Book Launch website. Opportunities for authors are enormous.


We will take our authors into the markets, and monitor their rates of success, meet with authors and give them feedback of their progress. Exposure Book launch has a flexible contract which encourages authors to have access to ongoing book launches with a prominent marketing presence.


Premium Plan

Author’s annual membership fee: £120.00

A Book Launch: £25.00

Fee: £60.00 per month


Facebook marketing: £56.00 per month. 

Amazon Seller Central marketing £25.00 per month

Exposure Ad: free

eBay: free

Ecommerce & Exposure website: free

Membership to writing group: Free

Standard Plan

Author’s annual membership fee: £120.00

Book Launch £25.00

Fee: £60.00 per month


Facebook marketing: £56.00 per month (reviewed after 2 months).

Ecommerce & Exposure website: free

Membership to writing group: Free

Basic plan

Fee: £60.00 per month



Facebook Marketing: £56.00 per month

Ecommerce & Exposure website: free

eBay Ad: Free

Digital Books

  • Facebook marketing. 

  • Amazon Seller Central marketing.

  • Exposure Ad.

  • eBay.

  • Ecommerce & Exposure website. 

  • Handling fee: 7% to cover postage & packaging.

  • Membership to writing group.

5% is donated to Alzheimer’s Society.


Membership includes:

  • Promotion of events on social media & Exposure website.

  • Three minutes promotional video on Exposure website.

  • Review of contract after two months to ensure it delivers what it says it will.

  •  Virtual Book Launch: One Hour.

  • Scheduled session layout.

  • Audience.

  • Pre-planned virtual launch with the author.

Sell merchandise in Exposure shop: 7% fee per item.



Memoir Service

We write your memoir while you have peace of mind.

Price: negotiable



  • Ads on Exposure Book Launch website (for free)

  • Selling on Exposure Book Launch: eCommerce shop and on Exposure Book Launch online shop.

  • Fee is £60.00 per month.

  • Charity Donation

 5% of every item that is sold goes to Alzheimer’s Society.

A contract will be drawn up with the author. It can be from 1-3 years: (contracts are  renewable)

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Books, Courses & Magazines

Exposure Book Launch takes pride in working with partners and customers. An insightful attitude is an encouragement for a positive working relationship. It is through nurturing that we will strive to become a partnership that is reliable which can give a swift and seamless service to those who rely on our services. Exposure Book Launch values every interest that is shown into the services. A full account of books that are on sale and customers merchandises can be purchased directly from the website. Otherwise, links are readily available that can be used to make purchases on the websites of partners that Exposure Book Launch works with jointly.

Social Media Presence:

There is a dedicated digital and website development team that is committed to maintaining consistency of creatives, promote and give Exposure Book Launch Services digital presence in the global writing world.

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