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Welcome writers from the Caribbean, Africa, USA, Asia, Europe & Globally. 

MA  Creative Writing

BSc Hons 

Further Education Teacher Cert.

Dip Mgmt.

Writer of Exposure Book Launch

Exposure Book Launch England, UK is helping new authors and writers from any genre to launch their books on a virtual platform. Authors will pitch their books & network.

Veleta and Friends Writing Book

Volume 2

'Have you ever been in a situation and someone else's behaviour has made you react strongly?'

Emotional Intelligence: 

'Who are You and  what would you like to be?'


Being Self Aware

'Spiritual Growth never offers anyone a discount'

The Depth of Mischief

"No Mal, but that's not a problem," Luis got back into the car.

"Changed your mind have you? Is something wrong, Luis"

"No Mal."

"The door of the café wouldn't open so Olli pushed hard and it squeaked before it opened."

"Blessing's temper was as fragile as a drinking glass.."Mother Mother get up at once," she said

"Father Paul looked hard at the rusting  piece of zinc and became curious."

Going Places -Kids' Book

"The bus drives carefully on the road."

"Our car drives ahead of the bus."

"Lots of air space helps the aeroplane fly. The aeroplane is faster than a train."

"The car has little wheels and a small engine." 


Book launch testimonials

"Congratulations on your accomplishment" KV.

"Awesome indeed. Enjoying every bit of the programme."


"Congratulations Claudette Great launch. As you know I have very much I enjoyed your book. It brought back so many similar memories, So eloquently and evocatively written" G J.

EXPOSURE BOOK LAUNCH has incredible book launches with lasting benefits tailored to authors' writing.

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     Veleta Hayles

I am passionate about writing for several reasons. It takes me into new directions of nature, life, and the past. I adore history. They have remarkable events which eventually unfold with precision. It visualises; being influenced by the many happenings, some seen and some unseen. I can think of several episodes, past and present, that affect the choices and decisions.
There is often fresh thinking. Over time, there will be noticeable changes. They add to our beliefs that writing can come in different forms. Then presents imagery of the situation. The reader can grasp the intention and begins to write an article, and, in most cases, there will be a consistent dialogue. They embrace the functions of reading and writing. Ideas and concepts to approach life can be from the presenting situation. Their images might be enough reasons to bring creativity as an art of writing. They can relay their thoughts through speech and voice their approval on an open stage. An approach to becoming a writer is a passion for oneself.

I believe it is inner strength. There are destinies for self-expression. They are not isolated. Someone among us will be intrigued and desire to find a solution through writing. It comes through reading and beyond. I love to associate with others on virtual platforms. They are simple and easily accessible anywhere.

Writing is a habit. It takes me to several outlets within the writing world. I love poetry, and I have written several poems. I hope to publish them one day. Many of my poems come from newly founded poetry. So long as there is satisfaction from engaging in a task, it can become a spectacular encounter.​

 Austin Kleon Steal Like an Artist is the ultimate creative piece of artistry for any writer.     

About me



  • Steal like an artist.                                                            

  • Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started.

  • Write the book you want to read.

  • Use your hands.

  • Side projects and hobbies are important.

  • The secret: do good work and share it with people.

  • Geography is no longer our master.

  • Be nice. (The world is a small town.)

  • Be boring. (It’s the only way to get work done.)

  • Creativity is subtraction.

  •    Good theft 

  •     Bad theft

  •     Honour   

  •     Degrade           

  •     Study 

  •     Skim   

  •     Steal  From Many     

  •     Steal From One 

  •     Credit  

  •     Plagiarism

  •     Transform 

  •     Imitate   

  •     Remit

  •     Rip Off                 
























Once again we reach writers and authors and are proud that you made our journeys successful. So far, we had webinars and a book launch; all have been a huge triumph, and we have several interests from authors to launch their books. Our creative writing group is growing with new members joining. 'Veleta and Friends Writing' Book are out on amazon on ebook and paperback.


The relaunch of "The Depth of Mischief" book was on 21.1.2022. It was awesome the recording is on youtube and on the 'advertising page' on the website. We are proud to display increased views to our Facebook ads on our website. We are becoming not surprising Exposure Book Launch shows popular and increase in a recent survey, 95%-100% of responses favoured us as approachable and are relevant in delivering book services to customers. Our goal is to continue the upward trend and so will run online writing courses. Updates will be on the advert page on the website. We are engaging with readers and authors in the Caribbean, Africa, America, the United Kingdom, and several places worldwide. Stay on track with postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. 




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