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The invisible writer

Writing should be well structured, and with a purpose, that is why readers are going to read your story. There are a few common things that are found in every good author.

  • Attention to every detail.

  • Bring the motive.

  • Generalize the story.

  • Think like a reader.

  • Concise & clarity.



When you write a story of your life, be sure it is impactful and connects all the themes of the story with your readers since they are thinking much about you as a reader. So, be specific and write your words by considering the readers' interests, but you must convey your ideas in a way where readers feel it is their story. Understand the point of view of your audience, and first, make sure what kind of audience you want to attract. Frame your context emotionally, so people express their emotions, and throughout the story, they feel connected.


Always put the real contents whenever you are framing context about a story or fiction. Transparency of the events throughout the book or novel binds the audience. It brings authenticity to the table to tell the readers what happened beforehand. How you managed and came out with courage and confidence. Share both sides of the story to understand the readers’ thinking. Bring out your feelings and how you overcame events. They help readers to connect with you emotionally. Draft the complex strategies and break it into simple pieces.


Be consistent

Strong vocabulary or complicated sentences do not make you a great author. Let us take an example of you using robust, and too complicated sentences where readers get confused with the words. It would break the rhythm and connection of readers who were connected. Using simple words and writing the complex, simple in a concise way, is what makes the author accomplished.

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