Veleta you put a lot of work into the group. I did not know what to expect when I arrived. The writing ✏️ group is very well put together. I love Stephen King video. It made me realise I need to improve my understanding of poetry. I take my hat off to you. I will try to do the homework. I am looking forward to the next session.


If you are thinking of joining a writing group you have found one which nurtures your talent and imagination. Veleta has helped me to find my strengths and my voice as well as structure my thoughts and be able to discuss different genres of writing. 


"I joined the online zoom Writers Group during July 2020 when it was just Veleta Hayles & myself present. My late mother wrote poetry and would be pleased that I am attempting to follow in her footsteps. Veleta puts together a programme that engages and challenges the group members. Her presentations provoke thought & debate. It is a friendly & supportive setting for any aspiring writer and is suitable for beginners & experienced writers alike. Why not come along on a Friday evening and find out for yourself? ".

I enjoyed the virtual writer's group so much that I cannot wait for the next session.

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I have gone through a few of your blogs, and it’s really encouraging for young authors who truly want to convert their writing passion as professions!

Since I have written a few blogs for you related to the advantages of having a digital publishing platform for aspiring authors.

Abhishek Tendulkar