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  • At Exposure Book Launch we strive with young  writers by capturing  their creativity. 


  • Writing is at a pace, quicker than ever before. Budding young writers are thinkers of the written word. Expressive literary. Artistry talents. Voices and multi voices. Virtual forums. Workshops. Surveys. Internet tools. Blogs.


  • Supportive of growth. Creative. Aspiring. Young & Skilful. Learn from experienced writers.



  • Use Exposure Book Launch website. Gain, access writers'. Love for writing. Collaborative writing. Events. Competitions. Courses.  Festivals.


  • Offer support with a publication.


  • Embrace writing as a passion. Empower. Engage. Develop. Think globally.


  • Supply. Circulate useful information from our website.


  • High standards of conduct are honourable.


  • Sells books and merchandises.



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