My Found Poetry 'Shunting'

I love poetry, and I adore words that make me think and add meanings and purposes to the way us as human beings see and do things. So, I thought what better way to contribute craft words than to express them in blogs as spoken word. I could find no other way than to create something expressively in emotions and opinions but through found poetry.


Within 'Shunting' the reader can interpret the poetry from whatever angle they wish. Feel the words and meanings then put in the context of nature, history; past and present or whatever formalities they associate themselves with at any time. It promises to be fun read which can add meanings to the way we see and make use of poetry.

So, I intend to dedicate 'Shunting' as blogs.

Let me know what you think of the found poetry and whether it has impacted on you as a poet and a reader.

Cast Down and Up Once More


Stories – own your interest to stories,

Occasion, special and seasonal.

In Valentine’s Christmas anthologies,

You maybe but.

Ones obvious of the usual,

Move something,

Choosing, forward or back.

Go clocks – day.

Queen’s about! what Wednesday?

Or, unusual more a choosing,

Setting about thing. One occasional.

Special with coincide story.

Your emotions or theme.

Halloween, we have as…?

And giving your time.

Wind of Hope for Occasion

A creeping child.

Times anxious we know.

Some have face – the shrouded.

Those are fears.

To occasion, special use always.

Competitions, magazines. Some are Easter and Halloween.

The day, Daniel?

Saint Ash or Sunday?


Bank August, your help may.

Occasion! out of rest or season?

Particularly to occasion,

The tie can.

It enriches together – works well.

Some are here but fear to linked.