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5 ways to process your emotions through writing

Writing often brings a passion for human life. It provides the pictorial form to represent your emotions. There is something you fail to represent it. Being vocal towards your story, empower your words in the form of physical identities.


There are always odds in life that hits us hard. We fall back, and experience tons of negative emotions. Many of us, indulge in our hobbies, to get a distraction from the situation but I believe whenever you experience any kind of situation in life whether it brought happiness or sorrow in life. In both cases, writing helps you to bring the physical identity of your emotions.

Memories: There are always some awful & beautiful memories we use to hold. Whenever you feel anxious, depressed, or angry. Write one or two paragraphs about such feelings and try to sketch it.  


Emotions to character: The moment when you feel something is triggering you, and you start feeling low. Open your writing pad & start giving physical form as cartoon, heroes, saint. Any kind of form would work. I personally believe whenever you feel low. Write down as scripts & connect the dots to give the whole story.

Regular feelings: Note down how you felt today. What was so interesting in your workplace. Try to put down all the small feelings and describe how they brought the simile or wisdom in life.


Pictorial form: Remember, in childhood How we use to draw everything that you used to see or experience. This is how our emotions have formed. Give a character of heroes, warriors, and describe your feelings through pictures.                                   


A story as a warrior: we all love heroes, superheroes in our life. The most real thing I do when I feel low is that I describe myself as a knight, and don't oppress my feelings. If feelings trigger you. Let it feel you. Draw the situation how you cope up & how you got back your lost shine.

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