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There is a strong presence behind Exposure Book Launch. Veleta Hayles is resilient, and she has a lasting company behind the book launch services. She is excited for every writer to fulfil their ambitions. Veleta and her team are in full support of writers and their books becoming a success. Veleta has first-hand experiences of book launches, so, she is keen to make authors have an inspiring presence in the writing world. 


She is a published author within traditional and self-publishing fields. Veleta has written countless short stories. As a teacher and a social care professional, Veleta uses her attributes to seek resolutions to the lack of social values and inequality. She loves to hear the voices of the silent majority. Veleta desires to use their contributions in writing to diversify language to make it inclusive in literary thinking.


Veleta is proud of her credentials as CEO of two businesses in the past. One was an online website that sold children’s books. The other was in the food industry. It was a satisfying experience to work in the sectors. They helped to grow her confidence whilst she was active with entrepreneurs. Veleta realised the need to work hard to get success. In saying that, she remained consistent and durable throughout her tenure. It was an achievement she would remember with pride, and she would always gravitate towards with an immense sense of accomplishment.


Exposure Book Launch is dynamic with every writer at the forefront of writing. It is that depth of creativity in which a writer delved with dimensions to express their range of artistes. With these in mind, writers are insightful. It is on a realm of nature, histories, and the present which help to pivot writing into a new world. It is the extension of inner expressions which a writer wishes to bring to the platform of life. It becomes liveable in us. The stature of development continues to extend throughout their work. 


The writer is likeable through books that they have written. The written language is believable. As writers begin to appreciate their craft, their sense of belonging to the literature becomes clear. It is within the arena that new writers emerge. Subsequently, a language that is known is not only a cover from which we become secured but is a shade that binds us with the wider readership that we aimed to reach.


The digital age has given us a common concept of displaying our writing, communication, and socialisation. It has expanded to various networks within the writing world. Its impact on a writer is massively essential. The response is tremendous and swift, which allows for immediate delivery of services to writers. With the application of a virtual platform at the heart of our book launches, we have access to the smooth integration of writing and delivery of Write-ability and the product.


Exposure Book Launch has taken the arena and reached a global market. The integration has empowered writers to integrate into an established and growing marketplace. 


The writer’s strong impression at their book launch is their branding and known presence in the writing world. The first impression is a special connection, which will be a design that features through our digital marketing fields.


Writing becomes natural to an author. There is an urge to get out of your comfort zone and dedicate yourself to writing. There will be times when personal matters become overbearing that would take up the times that you set led to do your writing. But never believe that you are too far from your craft.

 Fit it into any circumstances that you have because it can. It worked for most writers. 


Becoming a bestseller author takes dedication and commitment. The researches and the course or a project that you are doing mean as much to a beginner writer. It comes down to consistency. It is principles and drives that will take their writing beyond the unthinkable. 


Writing my first novel, ‘The Depth of Mischief’ book was hard work. It came several years after I wrote and republished my first children’s book. I did countless research day and night, and I wrote while I was working to hold on to my secular job. I had to pay bills, and household commitments came as a priority in line with my novel. I balanced both together. I experimented with writing in the daytime, and when that was not working, I changed my habits; went to bed early and woke up when everyone was asleep. The process was tiring, but it worked.


A writer’s choice varies. They may find a time in the day, which places them more at ease with writing. 


In our new interview, we interviewed Veleta Hayles about her premium book 'The Depth of Mischief' and its origins.

The moment that I undertook the interview for ‘The Depth of Mischief’ I knew it was right for the book. It was massive, and the setting of the characters came to light. It was a tremendous experience to be exposed to the writing world the way that I had. But it was a learning curve that I would cherish for a lifetime. I came face to face with each character in the interview. That was awesome. They were incredible creations, and they had a place in the story that was tailor-made for them. There was not another place and time that they could be except in the literature. I did magnificent work and created a great future that people engage in. It was a substance that came from positive thinking.


(Writers’ #virtual platform)

Exposure Book Launch believes in using videos to promote the works of authors. Every author will have a video presentation of their book launch. There is a dedicated marketing team that works in partnership with Exposure Book Launch services to promote the wellbeing and ultimately branding of the authors. We are a service that has its foundations in digital and reliable marketing. 


The Writers’ #virtual platform is a substantive feature of support that is on offer to every writer no matter their level of writer-ability. The writing group is vibrant and fun. The dedicated participants are part of a writing space that they can use to optimise their writing projects. There is a consensus that the group will work towards in creating a book of some sort for publication.

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